Skiing in the Pyrenees? Absolutely. The ski season in the Pyrenees starts in late December and can last until the end of April. Abundant snowfall made the 2012 season and 2013 has been even better, with incredible snow, skiing and boarding to be had at the ski resorts all over the Pyrenees in France and Spain.

Wide, empty ski slopes in the PyreneesWith thousands of kilometers of skiable pistes across dozens of ski resorts, with minimal waits at the ski lifts and with more competitively priced ski resorts, the Pyrenees makes for enviable and low cost skiing and snowboarding.

The Pyrenees may not rival the Alps in terms of reputation or notoriety but there’s a reason French and Spanish families head for the Pyrenean ski resorts for a weekend ski or week’s ski holiday. It’s not just because it’s on their doorsteps.

If the Pyrenees can nurture Olympic ski and snowboard medallists, it’s got to be good enough for a week’s snow pleasure with friends or family. Here we’ll introduce you to as many of its resorts as we can over the coming months. Including:

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