Places of interest

Mountain ranges that separate major territories play host to incredible human stories and history.

As much as they represent barriers to be conquered by invading peoples, they offer hiding and defensible strongholds for the underdog.

In the story of the Pyrenees you will find the story of Europe – Second World War resistance groups and allied troops, Spanish Civil War rebels, Napoleonic armies, warring Medieval kings and courts, The Moors, Christian Pilgrims, The Cathars, The Visigoths, The Romans and the first European man.

If you like tourist experiences that tell you a little bit about the continent you’re in, then the Pyrenees is a pretty good place to be. Pick out any of the major towns and villages in The Pyrenees and you’ll stumble across a little bit of European history.

We’re starting to compile insights into some of the places worth a day trip. It’s not all about the history lesson; they’re fun and pretty places to be for their architecture, food, local culture and festivities. And mostly under the blaze of the fine Pyrenean sun.